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5 Things We Love to Do/Eat/Drink in Indy

Posted On January 26, 2012

The streets are closing, banners are hung, and the stages are almost built.  Indy is getting ready for a weeklong celebration of the Super Bowl, and Print Resources can’t wait to get in on the action. Seeing as we have …

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Superbowl 2012 :: Printing Needs

Posted On November 30, 2011

Hosting a super-sweet Super Bowl party this year? Sure you are!  Everyone and their mother will be throwing down in Indy this year as our city serves host to Super Bowl XLVI.  Whether it’s a corporate event or a friendly …

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Superbowl 2012 :: Promo Prep!

Posted On November 18, 2011

Indianapolis has a lot to look forward to this football season.  Apart from our highly anticipated first win (*insert sad trombone sound here*)…. the biggest game of the season is headed our way.  And Indianapolis has Superbowl Fever. Everyone is …

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CD Party!

Posted On November 11, 2011

In addition to our love of print and promotional products, the Print Resources crew are avid music lovers. Today we had a CD Party!  We each brought in 5 of our favorite CDs to load into our office radio. Some …

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How many folds can you do in an hour?

Posted On November 1, 2011

Myself, I’m at about 5000. Yeah, I know, pretty awesome.  (And I’m not normally one to brag unless there’s good reason, i.e. 5000 folds an hour.)  This is all in part to my new folder – the Duplo DF-1000. I …

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