“No one ever said rebranding would be easy.”

Some marketing person, probably

If businesses were cliché high-school stereotypes, rebranding is akin to the perfectly sweet, poodle skirt wearing Sandy suddenly showing up to school as a greaser babe. It could be great for your business – but it could also go very, very wrong.

At Print Resources, we love a rebranding project. Marketing materials are a great way to ensure everyone – from employees to customers, to prospects, to investors, and more – buys in on an entirely new corporate look. Who doesn’t love new threads?!

That’s why we were extra excited to take on a major rebranding project with Westpoint. This project involved every aspect of what we do: printing, promotional products, fulfillment, e-commerce, and dimensional direct mail. Working with a partner who trusted us to do what we do best made it all the sweeter when their rebrand was a success.

“I’ve used various printers over the years, but Print Resources are like my team,” she said. “We talked all the time and we had a really collaborative relationship. They were rock solid. They were never flustered by any request I had and they made it hall happen.”

– Nikki Pulfer, Project Manager @ Westpoint

Check out Westpoint’s spiffy new look, and download the full case study for the full story, morning glory.